Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Interesting Collection

[Editor's Note: This piece was originally scheduled for posting on April 1, 2009, but circumstances conspired to delay it until now.]

Your Paint Rag editor recently ran across an interesting website with quite an eclectic collection. There's a real Duchamp-ian quality to the site that prompts a meta-level contemplation of the Artistic Project. I also love the descriptions of the pieces; e.g. "A startling work, and one of the largest crayon on canvas pieces that most people can ever hope to see. The bulging leg muscles, the black shoes, the white socks, the pink toga, all help to make this one of the most popular pieces in the MOBA collection." Here are some others:

Acrylic on canvas by Unknown

"Bloody cloud bursts in an otherwise clear sky, frothing nostrils as the bovine beast dives, lemming like, and misses the phosphorescent, oily, swimming hole."

"Vortex" Acrylic on canvas by Unknown

"A black road, tangential to a reservoir, a leering disembodied head, its almost solid shadow spewing blood. Don't drink the water."

For more pieces in the collection, click here.

I did mention this was intended for publication on April First didn't I . . . ?

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