Wednesday, February 18, 2009

AHA All Things Hawaiian Show: Winners

[Photos courtesy of Roy Okano.]

From left to right: Juror David Behlke, Charlene Hughes, AHA President Anthony Randall, Noriko Wakayama, Jennifer Cook, David Devenot, Suzanne Marinelli, Hans Loffel, Phil Uhl

First Place: "Lime Italian Glass" by Noriko Wakayama

Second Place: "Reflection Time" by Phil Uhl

Third Place: "Looking Mauka" by Hans Loffel

Juror's Choice Honorable Mention: "Beauty" by Jennifer Cook

Honorable Mention: "Annalisa's Wedding Basket" by Suzanne Marinelli

Honorable Mention: "Chinatown Market Place" by David Devenot

Honorable Mention: "Pine Man - End of Era" by Charlene Hughes

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Suzanne Marinelli's piece is titled "Annalisa's Wedding Basket" (I know the Annalisa in question, and it's definitely spelled with two Ns.)

No need to actually publish this comment, but could you kindly just correct the spelling?